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This is the first entry in a five-part series that will go through the 2000s. I’ve been making lists like this in my head (and occasionally in writing) for years. Now felt like a good time to put it all out there and explain my picks. These are my personal favorites, not necessarily the ones that were the most groundbreaking or most influential (although there is definitely a lot of overlap).

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I am updating this post on July 16, 2017. When I first made this list, I limited myself to no more than two albums from any one artist. I did this mostly so there wouldn’t be four or five albums. However, I now think that was a dumb idea. Limiting this list to two Beatles albums means it wasn’t really my top 20. Also, loading up on three or four albums from one artist turned out not to be an issue in any other decade as I went through them. So, the list below is now updated as of July 2017.

All that said, the list still does not include any live albums, because some of my favorite live albums were released a decade or two after they were recorded, making it hard to decide which decade they would fall under.

Without further ado, here are my top 20 albums of the 1960s. Feel free to comment with your thoughts on the list. (more…)