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Like every other sports fan, I have a lot of reactions to the LeBron James signing and its aftermath. Basically, there are four major stories here: the signing itself, the one-hour special to announce the signing, the reaction of Cleveland fans and the reaction of Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert. Let’s get to it. (more…)


Saturday marks the halfway point of the Red Sox season, meaning it’s time to look back on the first half, hand out some grades and provide some analysis. Warning: lots of stats to follow (courtesy of and (more…)

Buried under Strasburg-mania and the NBA finals (both of which I’ll get to in a minute) was a milestone night for Tim Wakefield in Cleveland. In picking up just his second win of what’s been a tough season, Wake went 7 1/3 innings to pass Roger Clemens as the Red Sox’ all-time leader in innings pitched with 2,777.

Although longevity isn’t really indicative of greatness, I do think this is a great feat. In the age of free agency, not too many players spend 16 seasons with the same franchise. It says a lot about his faith in the Red Sox and their faith in him. I love Wake for a number of reasons, with longevity being just the start of it. (more…)